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What makes San Diego a wonderful place to visit is its beautiful weather year-round and all of its warm beaches. Some areas have a small beach town vibe, others offer huge public beaches to explore, and there are also caves and untouched coves available to visit. There is a beach for surfers, swimmers, kayakers, sandcastle builders, and sun tanners. Here are some examples of must-see beaches to enjoy while visiting sunny San Diego.
La Jolla Shores is a great spot to bring friends and family. Located in the Jewel of San Diego, La Jolla Shores is a mile long sandy beach with gentle waves next to the Scripps Pier.
There are surfing and swimming zones for those who want to participate in either water activity. The Shores are also right next to Kellogg Park, a huge grassy area with a jungle gym, swings, and a lot of room to play frisbee or soccer. There are picnic tables on the grass as well if you want to enjoy your food away from the water and sand. Parking is plentiful as there is a big lot right in front of the beach. This is a perfect, friendly place to spend a sunny day with loved ones and little ones.
The Children’s Pool is another must-see beach that is also in La Jolla. It was established in 1932 when the city built a rounded seawall to prevent waves breaking onto the shore, making it a children friendly beach to play. The most exciting part about this beach is that it is a perching area for sea lions and harbor seals. Any time of the year you can see 30 of them beached on the shore, laying about. They are a delight to witness no matter how many times you see them.
You can walk on the seawall to get a look from a different angle. Because they are wild animals and can be unpredictable and possibly aggressive, it is advised to keep your distance from them, but the beach still allows swimmers to access it. Just be careful and be respectful to the natural wildlife that has called the Children’s Pool their home.


Dog Beach in Ocean Beach is the best place to take and socialize your furry companion. It is a landmark of Ocean Beach and one of the first official off-leash beaches in the country. There is a large parking lot available as well as a volleyball net and picnic benches on the other side of the beach. Surfers and swimmers are also welcome. Hundreds of dogs love playing with each other in the sand and in the waves. It is a great place to teach your dog to like to water because they will want to play with other dogs and will have to get in the water to do so. It gives your dog a chance to run freely and get all that energy out. You will have a tired, happy, wet dog by the end of your stay.


South Mission Beach is located at the Mission Bay Channel Entrance, at the furthest southern point of Mission Beach. This is a popular spot for tourists and locals alike because of its beautiful beach and a huge grassy area that houses volleyball and basketball courts. It is a wide beach so there is no problem with crowding as there is space for everyone, no matter how
busy it is. There’s a cement bike/walking path so you can take a nice stroll or skate through the beach without having to get sandy. The path leads all the way to Pacific Beach and makes for a great exercise route. This beach has it all: swim, surf, sand, and sun, plus the extra amenities that make South Mission a great place to hang out no matter what activity you enjoy doing outside.


We have Silver Strand State Beach just south of Coronado. It is an extensive beach that covers the Pacific Ocean as well as the San Diego Bay. That means you get the waves from the ocean that are necessary for surfers, while also being able to enjoy the calmer waters of the bay, perfect for swimming and sailing. There are 4 large parking lots that can fit 1,000 vehicles. This beach is also camper friendly, if you want to bring your RV and camp
overnight at Silver Strand. The beach runs to be almost 5 miles long, so there is plenty of room to enjoy yourself and relax. The bay side offers beautiful views of San Diego Bay and has pedestrian tunnels that lead to the parking lot you can walk inside. You get the best of both worlds with Silver Strand having both ocean and bay access.
Beaches are so much more than just sand and ocean. They are hotspots for outdoor recreation and great places to meet up and hang out with friends and family. A good beach should cater to the whole community, not just surfers and swimmers. It deserves to be experienced by everyone, and when a beach can offer multiple activities and facilities, it becomes a communal place of enjoyment.

Rosie Taxi Cab Open 24/7

Jordyn Reardon | UCLA alum English Major | San Diego native with an affinity for adventure. Loves discovering hidden gems across Southern California and writing about them for the greater community.